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70+ Cool Office Design Ideas, Resources & Inspiration

A funky green spaceThe office is where we spend a high proportion of our working week and for the majority of us, the work environment is not incredibly inspiring. Walking in everyday to an office that looks grey, dull and uniform can leave  employees lacking creativity and searching for inspiration.

However, some forward thinking companies are turning to ingenious office design to change this. Google, Red Bull, Nike and Etsy are just a few of the companies that frequently get cited in ‘Coolest Offices in The World’ lists and their offices are loved by employees and architects alike!

Coolest offices in the World

Check out our round up of these offices below and see what you think.

Here’s a few of our favourites :)

Cool outside/inside office

A funky green space

How can good design benefit employees?

A good office design will ideally…

  • Create a stimulating and inviting environment.
  • Focus on improved lighting and ventilation throughout the office. A popular strategy is to implement a stream of natural light through the office, so even those that are sat away from the windows will benefit.
  • Make efficient use of space that will encourage collaboration and teamwork between employees that extends beyond their computer and desks.


So, will a cool office improve productivity?

It seems so! Cool office spaces are designed to inspire employees and become a working space that people are happy to spend long periods of time in. It could be argued that any strategy that both inspires and encourages employees to feel happy and creative in their working environment leads to greater productivity, and less time hanging around the office vending machine!

This is a sentiment shared by Tom Stewart, Psychologist and Executive Chairman of  System Concepts, an independent consultancy specialising in the relationship between people and technology:

“The more the office is like a home and sort-of relaxed environment, the more likely people are to hang in there and work. In another company, where people get profit bonus or part of the whole ethos of the company, they’ll work as long as it takes. So you know just cynically from an employer’s point of view, treating people well is very cost effective.”


How do I get a cool office?

Well that depends on how you want to go about it, but many people turn to an office design agency. These agencies are experienced in transforming offices into spaces that not only look aesthetically pleasing, but function well too.

The agency analyses the needs of the workplace and then draw up concepts, liaising with the clients about what will look and work best.

These agencies are used to working with a wide range of clients and therefore their designs can usually be adapted to a plethora of budgets and industries.

These are just a number of agencies in the UK offering office design and refurbishments:

Top office design agencies

Office design tips

Argh, I can’t afford a cool office!

If you can’t afford a new office design or refurbishment but are willing to be a bit creative, you can still create a cool working space.

On My Desk highlights creative ways to use your desks  and there is a blog post that suggests 12 ways to pimp your office including meeting beds and conference bikes!

There are lots of sites that offer used or ‘preloved’ office furniture so you can add a few statement pieces to brighten up your office, at the fraction of the cost!

Used/ Preloved Office Furniture

Other cool stuff for your office (some of it’s very inexpensive too!)


What if I don’t work in an office?

If  you don’t work in the office, but work from home instead, it’s still important to create a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing office space.

Like any space, your home office should be inviting and stimulating. A home office should also reflect the décor of the house so it’s in keeping with the other rooms.

With clever uses of space and some statement furniture pieces even the smallest work space can be made to both look good and work well.

Below is a list of sites that provide the cool home office inspiration.

20 Home Office resources, inspiration and ideas…


Looking for even more office inspiration?

If you’re on the hunt for more office inspiration then here are some additional sites with images, tips and ideas.
Working in your office will never feel the same again…!

We hope you’ve enjoyed our roundup of cool office design ideas and resources, look out for more great posts from the Life In The Office blog really soon! Meanwhile, why not follow us on Twitter @litoblog?


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