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Are Office Workers Becoming More Green?

A YouGov poll of over 2,000 office staff has revealed that around 47% believed their office had become energy efficient since the recession.
Led by managers looking to save money, this energy efficiency drive has resulted in 57% of those surveyed indicating that their greener workplace has produced reduced costs.
The survey found a range of measures are being used with recycling paper being the most popular at 69%. Turning off computers and switching off lights were not much further behind with 67% and 61% respectively.
Avery ran the poll to coincide with Green Office Week, an annual event that uses fun activities to help educate and raise awareness of being greener in the office.
Green Office Week 2011 is taking place this week, and each of the days of the week has been split into five themes. Today’s theme is ‘Act on Opportunity’. The idea behind it being to encourage further discussion, action, and thinking about the environment beyond of this week. 

Here’s their Top 5 Tips Today:

Tip 1:Utilise the week as a way of implementing changes FOR GOOD and spread the message. Inspire others and have pride in your achievements!
Tip 2: Tell colleagues about what they can do to make a difference!
Tip 3: Publicise your company’s environmental policy, or draw up a simple one if you do not have one (an example is available on the Green Office Week website)
Tip 4: Tell suppliers and customers what you are doing and encourage them to do the same
Tip 5: Add a strapline to your email sign off to discourage people from printing it.

We are big fans of any initiatives that make the office greener and really support the work Green Office Week are doing. In the weeks ahead, we too will be looking at more ways to make the office greener, from checking the green credentials of your office cleaning company to managing the waste in your office. If anyone has any helpful tips or advice, we ‘d love to hear from you!


Image Credit: e-magic@Flickr

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