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Are You Eating Enough Fruit at Work?

A new survey indicates probably not! The  survey, ran by OnePoll and fruit delivery company Fruitdrop, found that only 10% of UK office workers are eating three of their five recommended portions of fruit and vegetables a day at work.
With the British now spending on average around 60% of their lives working in the office, keeping up with the daily recommended amount at work is essential. However many Brits are turning to calorie laden snacks and drinks from the office vending machines, rather than reaching for a piece of fruit.

Worst Offenders?

The survey found that Office workers in Northern Ireland claimed to be the least likely to opt for fruit, with nearly half of those questioned revealing that they wouldn’t eat any fruit at all during the day. Not far behind were Scotland and East Anglia, with 42% and 38% respectively claiming that they too wouldn’t eat fruit throughout their working day.
It is office workers aged 35-44 that are most likely to get their recommended fruit quota whilst at work, with 14% of the age demographic eating three pieces or more a day, and its 18-24 year olds that are least likely, with a tiny 6% eating three a day.

Benefits of Eating Fruit

Eating fruit throughout the work day has a plethora of benefits which help keep you feeling alert and improve your levels of productivity- a far healthier alternative than a can of coke or a bar of chocolate.
Apples for example, contain Vitamin A which helps promote good vision- ideal for all those hours staring at the computer screen!Whilst peaches  contain a good dose of vitamin c which is essential for your immune system, and are perfect for warding off the bout of flu’s that make their way through the office in the winter.

How to get more fruit at work?

It goes without saying that you could bring in your own fruit and make yourself up a fruit salad at home , but you could also get fruit whilst at work. Lots of offices now have catering options provided by contract catering companies and they often provide fruit as a dessert or snack at subsidised prices. If fruit is not on offer currently, it is always worth asking your offices services department, to see if this is an option they will consider?  Meanwhile if you don’t have a canteen or a catering service, companies like Fruitdrop specialise in putting together boxes of fruit to deliver to offices, so perhaps see whether this is something your company will consider? After all,  a healthy workplace benefits both employers and employees alike and this simple provision could work wonders on both morale and productivity- a desired effect in any office!


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