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Paperless Office Resources: Is a paperless office realistic?

Look at your desk, what do you see? Paper? Lots of paper maybe? According to the average office worker uses 10,000 sheets of paper per year! Does your company have a ‘paperless office policy’ or maybe a ‘tidy desk policy’? Increasingly companies are moving to a paperless state, requiring staff to print as little as possible and shred/recycle documents once used for a meeting...

Infographic: Getting Your Caffeine Fix in the Office

This week’s blog post features our first infographic ‘Getting Your Caffeine Fix in the Office’. With so many of us relying on a daily caffeine fix to get us through the day at work, we thought we’d look at just how healthy (or unhealthy!) our favourite caffeinated beverages are. The infographic is full of caffeine related stats, from how to get the ultimate caffeine fix, debunking common...
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