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Changing office culture by changing offices

This might sound a little extreme, moving office just to change your culture but it’s a very serious recommendation. Offices are becoming more than just somewhere to house staff and equipment, they can play a key role in how your staff interact and even how productive they are.

Altering company culture

A recent meeting of key property personnel in Manchester (hosted by M.E.N Media) highlighted just how far some businesses have gone to alter company culture. The Co-operative group moved offices and found that within 3 months the whole culture within the office had changed. For them it was removing private offices for every employee, even the Chief Executive works in an open plan area.

Relocation trends

The meeting also discussed the current trend for relocating and the types of companies more likely to be involved in a move. The trend appears to be moving away from the technology and financial industries and towards healthcare and insurance.

The office relocations that change cultures are most commonly linked to a change in the way staff are seated – open plan is very popular and is often cited as one way to improve collaboration and team working. For ideas about how you can improve your office you can browse our huge office design post here.

Photo credit: Lars Plougmann (Flickr)

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