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Getting On with Colleagues More Important Than High Salary

According to a new survey ran by job review site The Job Crowd, just under a third of workers felt getting on with their work colleagues was the most prolific contributing factor in satisfaction in the workplace.

520 employees were polled in the survey, all of whom had been in their current job for less than 2 years. They were asked to stipulate which factors brought them the greatest happiness in their current position, and 29% indicated that it was their friendship with their co workers. A little behind was career progression opportunities with 20%, being stimulated in their position (19%), the level of responsibility in the role (15%) the quality of the company culture (9%) and training developments (8%).

The survey indicates that despite what many people would expect, financial incentives and a good office vending machine may not be the key to everybody’s contentment and satisfaction in the workplace as Keren Mitchell from comments:

“A lot of people think all people entering new roles care about is how much money they make, however these results show they couldn’t be further away from the truth. One thing that the results clearly show is that the majority of factors which increased happiness at work were not financially motivated, with employees who were able to better themselves and develop likely to be amongst the most satisfied.”

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