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Google’s Les Paul Guitar Cost Businesses in Lost Productivity

A few weeks ago, on June 9th, Google marked what would have been Les Paul’s 96th birthday, with an interactive doodle. If you are anything like us, you will have spent a good amount of time strumming away with your mouse or keyboard, impressing your colleagues with your ‘skills’- and it seems we were not alone!

According to website Extreme Tech, workers around the world spent a mighty 10.7 million hours playing with the doodle, which resulted in £166 million of lost productivity.

The Figures

‘As of June 2011, Google has somewhere in the region of 740million visitors per day,’ reveals the weblog.
‘During the two days that the Les Paul doodle was online, those 740million visitors, according to analytics from RescueTime, spent 26 seconds more on the Google homepage than normal. 740 million times 26 seconds is 5,344,444 hours – and over two days, that’s a total of almost 10.7million man hours spent playing with the Les Paul Google Doodle.Assuming the average Google user earns £15 an hour the Doodle cost companies around the world £166 million in lost productivity.’

It’s not the first time Google have created headlines with their distracting logos; just last year they created the Pac-Man game that was equally as productivity reducing and resulted in a loss of around £76 million to the economy!

Missed it?

If you were unfortunate enough to miss either the Pac Man or Les Paul doogle, they now have a permanent home here and here, although we aren’t being held accountable for any further lost time…..

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One Response to “Google’s Les Paul Guitar Cost Businesses in Lost Productivity”

  1. Elijah says:

    Lost productivity or Les Paul awesomeness? Hmmm…. I’ll take the later :)

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