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Google’s newly redesigned Covent Garden office to open in September

Google’s Head office in London’s Covent Garden has been given an amazing redesign by architect Penson Group. In true Google style they’ve really gone to town to create an environment that creative and tech types would love to work in.

EDIT: More photos here

Visual Fun

As the pictures below show, the designers have been given a free hand – creating unusual and differing rooms for the Googlers to work in. The theme according to Design Week, was to create ‘visual fun’.

The office even includes ‘hidden’ gardens balconies for relaxing in, probably with great views of London. I’m sure they’re hoping for a better summer in 2013 to get plenty of use out of these areas!

Other highlights include a room which seems to be styled like a green submarine, complete with soundproof submarine-style door. Looks like a great place for a confidential meeting or two.

Not just a pretty face

As you’d expect, this Google office isn’t just about fancy design and cool colours on the walls. The office has it’s own gym for staff to work out in before, during or after work. A dance studio has also been built which we can only assume will play host to dance classes, maybe some Zumba too? For the staff who use these two facilities or even the ones who bike and run to work, there’s a bright orange shower room to get clean in.

All these elements help Google to keep staff on site for longer, something they’ve had amazing success with in their US head office. Googlers typically work just as hard as they play!

Environmental considerations too

It’s not just the office inhabitants Google considers when building or redesigning on of its offices. In May 2011 Google announced it wouldn’t use any materials placed on its ‘red list’ – a selection of environmentally unfriendly materials including mercury, lead, PVCs, etc.

The office will be fully open in September 2012 when we can expect more photos to appear. Looking forward to it already :)

Image Credits: Design Week


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