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How Smart is Your City?

We were recently sent the infographic below which was created as part of IBM’s Smarter Cities initiative. The infographic illustrates some of the results from a recent ComRes survey highlighting how people living in London, Leeds, Brighton and Glasgow feel about their city.

It was created to support a discussion which was held at BASELondon on 22 June 2011. This discussion brought together UK leaders and residents to explore various ways in dealing with the  many challenges facing cities today.
What’s really interesting to look at is that cities have never been busier, noisier and more expensive to live in and yet many of us still opt to work and live in them.


The IBM Smarter Cities initiative is looking to encourage a greater partnership between people and information with the aim of improving our cities, so we and all that work and live in them can have a happier and more secure future.

For full press release information, and survey results, please visit (


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