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Infographic: Getting Your Caffeine Fix in the Office

This week’s blog post features our first infographic ‘Getting Your Caffeine Fix in the Office’.

With so many of us relying on a daily caffeine fix to get us through the day at work, we thought we’d look at just how healthy (or unhealthy!) our favourite caffeinated beverages are.
The infographic is full of caffeine related stats, from how to get the ultimate caffeine fix, debunking common caffeine myths to revealing insights into the daily tea run….

If you’d like to use this infographic on your own website (a blog, resource site, news site or anything else) we’d love you to – all we ask is that you give credit and link back to this page.

Getting your caffeine fix in the office

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    3 Responses to “Infographic: Getting Your Caffeine Fix in the Office”

    1. Elijah says:

      This infographic is absolutely AWESOME! Especially when most offices have two types of employees: those who drink coffee, and those who drink COFFEE :)

      Good luck on your site – love the design. You’ve just gained one more follower on Twitter.

    2. Luca says:

      very informative and well done. interesting to know how brits behave with Coffee – you might be interested in knowing how italians feel about coffee here

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    4. What a great graphic! I especially love the coffee rings.

      I genuinely do get a lot more done after a cup of caffeinated coffee, I only have two per day in the morning though, after that I’m on to decaff.

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