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Like to Gossip in the Office?

It seems like you are not alone!

According to new research, one in seven emails sent by the average emailer have been defined as gossip.

The study was collated from hundreds of thousands of emails from bankrupted American energy company Enron.It found that a typical employee was sending around 112 emails a day, and of those, 15% were written about other people.

The Georgia Institute of Technology revealed the gossiping emails were sent throughout the company, however those employees that were more towards the bottom end of the pay scale were more inclined to gossip . They also revealed that the gossip was also three more times likely to be negative rather than positive.

This study was backed by another recent piece of research by Mars Drinks Office Connections, with a survey of over 2,000 office workers.

They found that the average office worker spends 27 minutes and 27 seconds a day gossiping with colleagues., with HR professionals gossiping for even longer with a daily average of  29 minutes and 26 seconds. It’s HR professionals too that are more like to share a secret with co-workers; with 37.61% of HR professionals confiding in work colleagues compared with 33.6% of other workers.

Popular Topics….

When it comes to gossiping popular topics include: celebrity gossip, the weather, food, relationships and money and health issues; and the preferred method of communication for over half of those surveyed was face to face chats, with a quarter preferring emails and one in eight opting for the phone.

In light of this research, it’s pretty clear, that we pretty much all have been known to have a gossip in the office and I’m pretty sure that it’s going to stay a staple of office life, but bear  in mind that secret you have just shared with your colleague may not be staying secret for too much longer….


Image Credit: Daxco @Flickr

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