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London’s Shard to get first office tenant

The development company behind London’s now iconic Shard has said up to three companies are interested in becoming the first to take up office space in the enourmous tower.

Official opening

The official opening took place on 5th July and saw huge lasers shining out from the Shard itself. A very impressive sight to match a very impressive building.

It’s big in Europe

As the tallest building in Europe, the Shard has certianly had its fair share of attention, unfortunately not all of it’s been positive, with Londoners giving it a mixed reception.

The arguments against the Shard seem to focus around its size, dwarfing every other building in the surrounding area, and its ‘exclusive’ feel. Want to buy an apartment in the Shard? You’re looking at £30 – 50 million – not exactly achievable for the ‘common man’. However, the design – a huge thin pyramid – hasn’t been the focus of too many complaints.

Stunning office space

It’s clear that the offices will be taken by only the very largest multinationals, with such a prestigious building and central location I don’t blame them. Meanwhile coming to a meeting in one of the offices at the Shard must be a very exciting and maybe even daunting experience. We can only imagine how big the office cleaning bill must be, let alone the windows cleaning bill!

Let’s hope that the Shard offices continue to attract the brightest and best to London, with continued investment by Quatar it may not be the last huge tower block to spring up in the capital.

More information

If you’re interested in becoming a tenant in the Shard your first stop should be their Offices section on the website Its single image shows just how impressive the reception area looks.

You can also view an interactive gallery of before and after shots of London here

Photo credit: Dave Catchpole (Flickr)

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