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The Benefits of Working in a Shared Office

While many companies are becoming much more flexible when it comes to working from home, an increasing number of us are realising that there are distinct benefits to staying put in our offices. With the recession continuing to rumble on, business owners have found that rents and leases have become much more flexible, and cheaper too.
What’s more, there is currently a wealth of workspace right across the country and this can range from prime inner city locations through to state of the art business parks. All that means rich pickings for anyone who wants to either relocate or expand into much better workplace surroundings. And, obviously, if the area you work in has all of the amenities, then it will be much more appealing to employees.

Stay in touch

Home working is often seen by many as the way forward because it gives them the benefit of not having to endure the daily commute whilst cutting costs too.
However, studies have already shown that home working is not for everyone because, after all, it can be rather solitary and doesn’t always provide the right level of support that many employees need if they’re carrying out a demanding job.

Working in a  shared office on the other hand, means that you have people around you all the time and this can be beneficial for a variety of reasons. For starters, one of the key benefits of shared office working is the fact that you can network much easier. What’s more, if you’re in a big complex that has lots of companies working alongside each other then this boosts the networking possibilities further still.

Communication breakdown

Thanks to the level of networking available by going down the shared office route, you’ll generally find that this is also a great way of diffusing any inter-office rivalries and staffing problems. With people on hand at all times, it’s quick and easy to nip any problems or issues in the bud, often within the space of a simple meeting. With workers being based remotely, this can be less easy to achieve.
And, with all of the office space currently available, you’ll also be able to find a location that is much more convenient for employees to get to as well. Picking the right location for any business is vital and so if you select a location that is handy for people to get to, but also comes with the added benefit of specific workplace amenities, then you are likely to enjoy a much happier workforce.

The way forward

All of this adds up to making the benefits of shared office working seem all the more tempting and is likely to increase the appeal for employees who’d rather not sit at home feeling cut off all day. Of course, much of this depends on the type of business that you’re running, but in many cases it’s likely that you’ll find that having workers situated in one shared office will not only boost morale, but also promote better business practices. And also, hopefully, increase turnover to boot.

This guest post was written by Rob Clymo who writes on behalf of Office Genie, the UK’s first proper online marketplace for desk space and shared office space.


Image Credit: c3o @Flickr

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