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Want to Firm Up at your Office Desk?

Sit Tight in the OfficeWell now you can! We know this sounds almost too good to be true, but thanks to Soap & Glory’s amazing new product Sit Tight, a firmer lower body can be acheived in days.

The miracle product requires being kneaded into the bottom and thighs and allowed to absorb for 30-60 seconds- this sets up the Sit Tight Pressocapsular-Firm-System. After applying the cream, all is required is to sit and let it work its magic! The product’s active system is more effective when you sit down,  which is why it’s the perfect product for a day sat in the office.

So how exactly does it work?

During the sitting process friction and heat is generated which acts as a release mechanism to promote increased movement of the product to the problem areas which are most affected by fatty deposits.  A high level of Caffeine (27-33%) is included in the system due to its effective firming and draining properties.


And does it work?

The abundance of glowing reviews and high sales suggets so! The product has been flying off the shelves and women throughout the country have been singing the praises of Sit Tight attributing it with reduced cellulite and puffines, improved skin elasticity and tone.

Of their product, founder of Soap & Glory Marcia Kilgore says

‘Never before has a lower body firming product targeted the particular occasion during which a woman will experience the highest cellulite anxiety – sitting down all day worrying about her bum getting bigger.’


We’re off to buy a bottle right now…..

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