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Working women more likely to put on weight

The results of research has found that if you’re a woman who works more than 35 hours per week you’re more likely to put on weight than those who work less than 35 hours. The Centre for Health and Economics at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia studied 9,276 woman during their research. The woman were all aged 45 – 50 and the study lasted two years.

How can working more make you gain weight?

The reseacrh suggests that the women who put on weight put the needs of the office before their dietary and nutritional needs, causing them to eat less healthy. Spending 35 hours at work leaves less time to cook healthy, home prepared meals – take aways and snacks on the go fit into a busier lifestyle more easily.

Working long hours can also have a negative effect on your sleep and sleep patterns and previous research has pointed to a lack of sleep as a trigger for weight gain. You’re also less likely to make time for our of work activities like exercise , and I’m sure we don’t need to explain how a lack of exercise effects your weight.

What if I work a lot more than 35 hours?

If you work over 49 hours per week the research also found you’re more likely to drink and smoke, not beneficial to your health or weight. Of this group as many as 65% were drinking to levels described as ‘risky’ and over a third (36%) participated in no form of exercise whatsoever.

Keeping a good work life balance isn’t always as easy as it seems, but this research highlights how important it can be when your weight and overall health are concerned.

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